Considering changing accountants?

Geens can ensure a smooth transition to what is often commonly perceived as a headache for business, many companies are reluctant to change accountants, even when they have good reason.

We thought it would be useful to let you know the process here:

  • We are not able to act unless we have confirmed your identity. We will ask you for photo identification (passport or driving licence) for key personnel and evidence of your home address (usually a recent utility bill) and we will complete a company search.
  • We are required to write to your existing accountant and ask for professional clearance. This means that they have to state that there is no professional reason why we should not take up the new appointment. The purpose of this is so that we can ensure that we are aware of any matters which may influence our decision as to whether to accept the appointment. It is very rare that this comes back with a negative answer. At the same time we will ask for copies of accounts, tax returns, back-ups and breakdowns of pertinent figures in the accounts. We will ask for any information that helps to build a picture of you and your business that would be useful to us. If you prefer to contact your existing accountant yourself first that’s fine… just let us know when you have done this.
  • You may then receive a disengagement letter from your existing accountant which would state whether there is any outstanding work or fees and so that everyone is aware of the cut-off and who is doing what.
  • If you currently have an audit you may be required to notify a regulatory body but we can help you with this letter.
  • We will issue an engagement letter which sets out our respective responsibilities and forms 64-8 which inform HMRC that your advisers have changed.
  • We have dedicated teams to deal with regulated clients such as Charities and Solicitors.

That’s about it but if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.