Inheritance Tax, Trusts and Estates

Inheritance tax is a significant tax to consider when reviewing your tax affairs. HMRC receipts have more than doubled in the last seven years to a little under £5 billion.

Our award-winning team of specialists can review your affairs, including all personal and business assets to ensure effective structuring to maximise reliefs and ensure your estate is tax efficient.

We have a team on hand to ensure that not only is your tax position reviewed but also your non-tax objectives are achieved.

As part of our estate planning some individuals may benefit from the use of trusts to preserve and to pass on assets to their chosen beneficiaries. Trust structures can also have a beneficial impact on tax exposure.

Our team can ensure that these structures do not cause confusion and they will ensure that such decisions are problem-free and structured effectively. We will work closely with you and your legal advisers, if necessary, offering advice on issues such as forward trust planning, executorship duties and tax compliance matters.