Probate and Estate Administration

Chris & Dean amended again and againGeens win accreditation to become the first Chartered Accountancy practice in North Staffordshire to gain accreditation to offer Probate and Estate Administration services.

The accreditation from the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) allows Geens to provide an holistic planning service in the area of Inheritance Tax.

“We can now assist a client not only with the implementation of bespoke Inheritance Tax planning but also we can be there to ensure it is effective at the point of death,” says Chris Beeston, a Director at Geens with a specialism in Inheritance Tax planning, Trusts and Estates.

“Here at Geens, we undertake a lot of Inheritance Tax planning work and, unusually for an accountant in Stoke-on-Trent, we assist regularly with tax planning for trusts.

“Probate services are generally regarded as a legal specialism but there is a clear synergy with our tax planning services, offering Probate and Administrative services is a natural extension of the services we offer to our clients.”

Both Chris (left above) and a fellow Director, Dean Clacher, are fully accredited in probate services.

Chris adds: “All the estates we administer will benefit from a tax efficiency review and this can lead to significant savings. We are highly skilled in HMRC negotiations and this means that we are well placed to ensure that any tax allowances and exemptions, that are due, are not only claimed but are also accepted by HMRC. It is a common misconception that only complex estates can benefit from a review but we are confident that we can maximize the tax efficiency of all of our clients’ estates.

” It is not too late for tax planning, even at the time of death, and we are able to implement planning where appropriate while conducting the administration of the estate.”

Geens, based in Liverpool Road, Stoke, is one of the area’s oldest accountancy firms and can trace it’s history back to 1884. It has seen a growth in recent years, with additional staff and a team lead by Directors Steve Archer, Karen Lowe, Carl France, Dean Clacher and Chris Beeston.

Chris was made a Director in 2016 at the age of 26 after achieving national recognition from the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

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